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Among¬†the 100+ essays I have written so far, I’m content with some, disappointed in others, and proud of a few. Fortunately, they do seem to be trending in the right direction.

The following list is divided into three categories in which I have chosen the most popular and most impactful of my work, as measured by total readership and general response.

Some of them align with my own opinion of what I consider good, whereas others do not. That’s okay. This list will give you a rough idea of how I think about the workings of reality.

The Art of Living

The Most Important Skill Nobody Taught You

The Simple Art of Not Being Miserable

Pale Blue Dot: Living in a Minuscule World

The Bullshit Stories We Tell Ourselves

The Purpose of Life Is to Be a Nobody

The Subtle Art of Connecting With Anyone

A Shift in Thinking

The Only Real Way to Acquire Wisdom

There Are Two Ways to Read – One Is Useless

The Future Belongs to Polymaths

The Philosopher’s Problem: Perils of Depth

Your Accomplishments Don’t Matter

The Rationalist’s Paradox: Appreciating Beauty

Lessons from Giants

J.K. Rowling: Dealing With Failure

Marcus Aurelius: Thinking Clearly

Friedrich Nietzsche: Finding Meaning

Aristotle: The Right Kind of Friendship

Leonardo da Vinci: Living Curiously

Hunter S. Thompson: Creating Purpose

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